The Law Of Polarity


There’s only one good way to live and that is optimistically and enthusiastically. Your attitude about what you’re doing and what is going on all around you really makes a big difference. In other words, it’s not the problem; it’s how you handle the problem. And in every case a positive mental attitude (PMA) is always better.

Maintaining this PMA is never easy. It’s hard work. Politics, economics, the financial markets, unemployment, the cost of living, world Geo-Political situations, the weather, family, wealth, taxes, education, retirement and keeping up with the Jones’ can all add up to high blood pressure, a grumpy disposition and a ruptured blood vessel if you’re not careful.

But then again, it’s true that nobody promised any of us a rose garden. Each and every one of us has “free will” and we make choices according to our perspective. Now, it’s also true that each one of us periodically does stupid things, takes wrong turns and makes the mistake of betting it all on number seven. Well, nobody’s perfect. Corporations aren’t perfect and neither are governments. It doesn’t matter how high up the ladder you go, you will discover mistakes being made all over the place. It’s human. Mistakes spell failure and yet failure is really a prerequisite of success. The human way to progress is Try, Fail, Adjust – Try, Fail, Adjust – Try, Fail, Adjust – Try, Succeed – Try, Succeed. It’s been that way since the very beginning. It’s how we do what we do. Seldom does anybody do anything perfectly the first time around. The old Japanese proverb said “Fall down six times, stand up seven.”

The universe is made up of many laws, like gravity, that become very obvious given various occurrences. One of these is the law of polarity. This law simply states that we live in a world of opposites. For example, at one end of the stick, it’s very hot and at the other, it’s very cold. The same goes for deep and shallow, big and small, hard and soft and rich and poor. When we experience high or low financial markets, inflation or deflation, health or sickness, happiness or sadness, the extremes of the polarity affect us on many levels. There’s rhythm and momentum in all of it, and adjustments can be made through deliberate intention to remedy what might appear momentarily wrong, inappropriate or unsuitable.

When the subprime market debacle swept across the North American continent and then around the world like a giant tornado, phenomenal change resulted everywhere and our attitudes tanked. By comparison a twister in Oklahoma does exactly the same thing. Granted everything is wrecked as a result of the storm, but humans being who they are, set out purposefully to rebuild. It’s an automatic reaction. We get knocked down but then we persist and get right back on our feet. That’s what resilience is all about. We rise back up and build and stabilize it, bigger and stronger than ever before.

Despite the fact that things, presently, look very hazy, constructive changes are beginning to occur in the economy and a gradual positive persistent and resilient attitude is starting to rebuild in North America. Brick by brick and arm-in-arm we’ll gain ground and surge into prosperity.

With this in mind, the main focus at all levels should now be on our economy, employment and stability. This will lead to growth. When people are productive they feel their self-worth. This leads to progress, success and value. Problems from this point on are simply speed bumps. They slow us down for good reason and with willingness, co-operation, coordination and push; we’ll overcome them all and return to greatness. The spirit of the North American continent has always been based on a positive mental attitude. As we continue to rise to the occasion and deal with all the challenges that are before us, time will prove that our purpose is a worthy one. On the other hand, our attitudes will determine whether or not it’s an enjoyable and fulfilling one. Hope does spring eternal when the human mind is success-oriented and the human heart is empathetic and compassionate. If we’re truly good to each other, nothing can stop us and ultimately the sky is the limit.

Steve Morris 04.05.10

Ken Snyder


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